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March 20, 2011
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Attention: in this story, all the characters are humans.

The bell had just marked the beginning of the first lesson of the year. Amy sat down in her place, next to Cosmo.
Amy was a sixteen years-old girl, with pink hair and emerald green eyes. Cosmo was seventeen, she had green hair and bright blue eyes. Both were wearing school uniform: a white singlet, with over a black shirt with long sleeves and white collar, and a black mini-skirt.
That day it rained, and the raindrops made a strange sound hitting the glass of the classroom. Everyone was still feverish for the holidays just ended.
Amy looked at the person she thought was the love of her life: Sonic, a boy with blue hair and green eyes.
During that summer, he and Amy had finally became a couple.For Amy it was like a dream come true. But dreams burn, and they remain in your handd long after they have become ashes. "Soon you'll be better", said Cosmo. She was wrong, for Amy, as time passed, the pain became more intense. Sonic, her one great love, chose to stay with another girl.
One of the last warm evenings of summer, Amy went to Sonic to give him a gift, and saw him and another girl that were kissing passionately. Sally, that bitch with brown hair and doe-brown eyes, had stolen her reason for living.

And now Amy was destroyed. Everything, at school and at home, remember her the time spent chasing Sonic, and the pain of his betrayal. For every minute that passed, Amy sank a bit 'more into an abyss.

When the proffessor went into class, all fell silent. The professor, a plump and old man, bald with mustache and thick blacks, was called Mr. Derus.
Mr. Derus sat in the chair, turned to the class, and said: "Guys, today I want to introduce a new student who has just moved into our school fromRobotnick accademy. All began to murmur, and even Amy began to pay more attention to the speech. The Robotnick accademy was an elite academy, to which only the best students in the world could have access. Being part of the academy meant to be better than others. Then it was obvious that everyone wonders why a student of that accademy wanted to move to an ordinary school like ours.
Mr. Derus waited the noise to subside, then said, "Come on." From the door entered a young boy, with blacks hair with red stripes, who wore blacks pants and a black shirt with long sleeves. Over the shirt he wore a jacket, also black, reaching to the feet. He wore withe and black shoes, with red borders. On the wrists he had golden rings.
The boy stepped up to be on the side of the chair, then looked up to watch the class. Amy saw his blood-red eyes, and saw that they burned in a huge pain. Those eyes were the entrance of an abyss of grief and loneliness, and compared to it, the pain Amy felt was like a drop in the ocean.

"This is Shadow" Mr. Derus announced, "I hope each of you to do his best to make him feel welcome."
Mr. Derus looking around a seat for Shadow, but the only free place was a single chassis. "We do not want that our newcomer is left alone, is not it ... Cosmo?", said the professor. Cosmo looked up to heaven, but she moved from her seat next to Amy to go and sit at the counter single.
Without a word, Shadow sat next to Amy.
"Now," the professor said, rubbing his hands, "we will do a test to see if you have studied during the holidays." In class there was a collective groan.
Amy looked at the sheet that had been delivered, then began to respond quickly to requests: to don't think about Sonic, the last day of vacation she was completely devoted to the study, so she knew the most of things by memory.
Amy took five minutes to answer the first two questions, but when she was about to start the third, Shadow got up and went to deliver his test to Mr. Derus. Amy was surprised for a moment, then shrugged and continued with her test.

At the end of the lesson, Mr. Derus announced the results of the tests. The whole class was insuficente, except for two: Amy ... and Shadow, although he had delivered after only five minutes.
When the students were able to leave the class, Amy walked to her locker. But when she tried to open, the door resisted. Amy checking the edge of the door, and saw that someone had put something hard to block the opening. She keeps trying, but she can't open the door. When she was about to give up, Amy noticed that Shadow was opening the locker next to her. "Hey, Shadow ..." Amy began, "someone has locked the door of the cabinet. You can try to open it, please? ". Shadow looked at her for a moment, as if to decide whether or not she was a nuisance, then snorted and put his hand on the handle of the cabinet of Amy. He pulled, and the inserted object to block the door broke and the cabinet opened obediently. "Thank you ..." Amy started to say, but the guy in black had already left.

Behind a corner nearby, Sally bit her lip, angry. "Cursed Shadow", muttered the girl, then went away.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet, but for Amy was a stab to the heart of every lesson: Sonic and Sally were always together, and spent every free minute kissing.
The last two hours of the day were occupied by the gym class. The teacher, a woman of about thirty-four, blond and full of life, decided to do a race. Everyone knew from the beginning that Sonic would be the best.
The professor said the couples who will race. As last, Sonic and Shadow.
When the time came for the last race, everyone was tired and bored: no one wanted to see another victory for Sonic's speed.
"You have to do 24 laps of the gym," said the professor, "is not allowed any physical contact between the two, okay?". The two boys nodded.
"On your marks ... ready ... GO!" yelled the professor.
Sonic snapped. "I burned the new guy at the start" Sonic said, grinning. But his happiness was transformed into horrified surprise when he heard a deep voice to his right, saying: "Do not be so sure" Shadow was next to Sonic!
After twenty-three laps, the two were equal. When they were about to close on the last lap,  Shadow made a burst acceleration, passed Sonic and won the race!
There was a moment of silence, then everyone applauded Shadow, who wasn't even out of breath.

After class, everyone went in the locker room to change into. Amy went last to take a shower, and stayed a long time: she liked to feel the water that flowed over her body, helping her to not think about anything.
When the pink haired girl walked out of the shower wrapped in a towel, she didn't see her clothes. She searched all the locker room, but found nothing, not even the clothes she used to do gymnastics, not even the underwear. Someone had actually made a joke of bad taste!
Amy thought that there must be someone around: in their school after gym class one of the students held the keys of the two dressing rooms, and when all were gone he had the task of checking that everyone was gone and that no one had forgotten anything.
Amy thought about who had the keys that lesson: "Then, last time it happened to Sonic, following the order in this lesson touches to. .. Selly!? ".
Amy rushed to try the door of the locker room, and she discovered that was locked! The girl didn't take long to realize that Sally had locked up on purpose after having stolen the clothes, just to make her make a bad impression. How embarassing would be, the next day, when the keepers would open to clean inside and found Amy completely naked.
The girl began to despair. She tried in every way to open the door, she even tried to break through, but nothing. When she realized that all her efforts were in vain, Amy threw herself against a wall and cry. She cryed there for maybe an hour before she heard someone knocking at the door. "Is there anybody in there?" Said a male voice outside the door. Amy shouted, in tears: "Please get me out !!!". A second passed, then the door broke into four pieces with a thud. When the situation returned to calm, Amy saw that the other side of the door was Shadow!
Amy ran to hug him, still crying. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you ..." she kept repeating. "Ummmm ... you're wearing only a towel", said Shadow. Amy broke away from him, a few steps away. She pulled the towel tighter and whispered: "Someone took away  my clothes." Shadow thought for a moment, then pulled out of his bag his pants and shirt that he used for gymnastics.He gave them to Amy, saying: "It is not the best, but better than go home naked", having said that, Shadow came out from the dressing room to let Amy dress.

When Amy was dressed, she and Shadow came out of the building, and discovered that it rain very hard. Shadow, without saying a word, took off his jacket and gave it to Amy, pulling the hood over her head. Then he took her hand and bega to walk.
Amy seemed to be experiencing a kind of dream: she did nothing, leaving him to drive her. For those minutes in the rain, Amy forget about Sonic and his betrayal, being able to think only of the kindness that the strange boy was showing.
When they arrived at the bus station, Shadow waiting for the bus along with Amy. When it arrived, Amy got in, but Shadow stayed where he was. Amy then started to take off his jacket to give it back, but he made a denial with his head.
Shadow turned around and walked to the parking of motorcycles. Amy looked at him until  the bus left, hiding the guy at the sight.

When Amy got home, the first thing she did was taking a shower. Then she put on a light pink pajama with strawberries drawn on it and went to sleep.
Before falling asleep, Amy looked at the black jacket, which had hung up on heating to dry. The girl smiled, and whispered: "Good night, Shadow."
I need Blaze for something else, so I changed her with Cosmo. Sorry for the mistake.
Hope you enjoy it!

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ShadAmylover1010 Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
awwww amy did nothing and he still did that for her
fioleeshadamy411 May 11, 2013  Student Artist
how sweet
Question. Are these Shadamy stories a series?
YimirChaos Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
yes. For now, there are five chapters. I'm writing the sixth.
Wilira Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice and it's written in a good way.
Wilira Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice and it's written in a good way
I love it!! its very cute!!Pweaz continue :D
YimirChaos Aug 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I did. There are four chapters for now.
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